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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
March 27th, 2014 

We invite you to enjoy a 100% Lolita weekend!

My Lolita Style presents Lolita Weekend, two days of hanging out and having fun among lovers of this fashion who will be assisting from all of Mexico and southern California, along with the presence of Misako Aoki, model and icon in Lolita.

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So I noticed that the old thread hasn't been updated in a long while, and thought I would compile the newer comments left there, plus start this up again for more recent releases. Forgive the copy-pasting from the old thread, if you are the original poster, please feel free to mail me! I have not arranged prints in alphabetical order - if you need to find a specific print, please just Ctrl+F it in the appropriate brand expansion

Please comment in the following format, any prints you've had problems with, or ones that you've had machine/hand wash successfully. I will add them to the list.
Format to post in: "Brand Print Name (colourway, cut) washing details"

Organised by Brand. Click the [Here] link for the comment or entry with more information.
Angelic Pretty. For Anna House - Chess Story click here. For BTSSB/AatP click here. For Emily Temple Cute - Innocent World click here. For Jane Marple - Victorian Maiden click here.

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Lolitas are known to put all sorts of things in their hair. Ribbons, flowers, brooches, antlers, carousel music boxes- you name it, someone has probably done it.

This post is intended as a friendly discussion of such headgear- it doesn't have to be particularly lolita. Images are taken from various sources around the net- as much as possible I will try to credit the source, but my folders are a mess and the filenames don't always indicate where an image comes from. If you own/recognize some of these, please tell me so I can credit properly, thanks!

EDIT: corrected a couple terms and a rogue block of copy-paste
Obligatory hat joke goes here! Lots of pictures~Collapse )
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