March 27th, 2014

Updated Compiled List - What Can / Can't be Washed

So I noticed that the old thread hasn't been updated in a long while, and thought I would compile the newer comments left there, plus start this up again for more recent releases. Forgive the copy-pasting from the old thread, if you are the original poster, please feel free to mail me! I have not arranged prints in alphabetical order - if you need to find a specific print, please just Ctrl+F it in the appropriate brand expansion

Please comment in the following format, any prints you've had problems with, or ones that you've had machine/hand wash successfully. I will add them to the list.
Format to post in: "Brand Print Name (colourway, cut) washing details"

Organised by Brand. Click the [Here] link for the comment or entry with more information.
Angelic Pretty. For Anna House - Chess Story click here. For BTSSB/AatP click here. For Emily Temple Cute - Innocent World click here. For Jane Marple - Victorian Maiden click here.

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[Alternative] headgear: beyond hats and headbows

Lolitas are known to put all sorts of things in their hair. Ribbons, flowers, brooches, antlers, carousel music boxes- you name it, someone has probably done it.

This post is intended as a friendly discussion of such headgear- it doesn't have to be particularly lolita. Images are taken from various sources around the net- as much as possible I will try to credit the source, but my folders are a mess and the filenames don't always indicate where an image comes from. If you own/recognize some of these, please tell me so I can credit properly, thanks!

EDIT: corrected a couple terms and a rogue block of copy-paste
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