March 23rd, 2014

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Wearing Lolita brands without being Lolita

I've noticed over the last year people often having misconceptions about Lolita Brands and weither or not it's okay to buy, say, Sugary Carnival without ever intending to wear it as part of a Lolita outfit. I think where a lot of confusion around this subject comes from is that outside of Japan -only- Lolitas tend to wear Angelic Pretty and other Lolita style brands. So I was wondering; what's the best example you've ever seen of someone wearing a Lolita item without wearing a coord?

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Wear and Tear: A check-in for your most well-worn items

There are some items in our wardrobe that take a ridiculous amount of punishment over the months of use they get, and considering the price most lolitas tend to pay for their goods, it had better hold up to it! ...Or so we assume. The one true test of quality and sturdy craftsmanship is time. Did the buttons pop off of your AaTP blouse despite fitting well within posted measurements? Did the shirring go limp in your bodyline jsk after just 6 months? Have your BTSSB shoes fallen apart after one use? Post a 'then and now' image or story of your most well-worn items, and how they've stood up to the test!

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Dresses with pompom hem?

I love dresses/skirts with pompom hem. I want to get more but have some troubles finding them. It is such a small detail that people don't tend to tag. And it's not a theme (like strawberry, fairy tale, or woodland animals) so it's harder to find. I have tried to search Google image, Lolibrary, Hello Lace, and tumblr but I didn't find much.
Do you know of any item that have pompom hem? I would really appreciate the help.

Favourite Indie Items

Hi everyone!

I've had an interest in Lolita for years and have always adored Indie/handmade items. Now that I'm taking the plunge into the fashion I was wondering what were your favourite Indie items for Lolita? These don't have to be recent; they could be from brands that have long since disappeared.

(Cut for my favourite item!)
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So what are your favourites? Let's discuss!

Poland Lolita's ?


I am going to be in Poland from 1.4 til 20.4 in Chodziez, and would love to get in contact with any Lolita's in the area. I can't seem to find an active community (maybe I am doing it wrong ). So I wanted to ask here if someone wants to meet up . Preferably at the weekends.
I'd love to meet some local Lolita's as I'd love to make some new Lolita friends, being 'new' to the fashion.

I hope to hear for you <3