March 20th, 2014

Hello, I need some advice and help and I dont know where else to turn!

Hi... My name is Caroline, I live in norway. I have always loved the lolita fashion, and I have like... 1 dress... and I have worn it once... and it was on halloween.... I was a broken doll... I was wondering, like... how do I get started?

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I know I can get stuff from bodyline... and I have done reserch... but, its like... how to I get to know people in the same 'community' ? is it on here?

how do I choose a lolita style? I love them all!

I can not affort this type of style.... do you know anywhere I can get cheaper stuff.... just to kinda get started... ?

any... like... tips and tricks?

here is a photo of me from halloween, just so you can see the dress I already have...


its the pink dress :P and it was really cold... wich is why I had a black tights... but nobody cared so its ok.....
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Tallahassee, FL Free Anime Convention April 18-20.

Hi there! If you're in the North Florida area or just feel like visiting your state capital, come to our annual FreeCon! It is held at Florida State University and this one is promising to be the largest yet!

Do you like shopping? Of course you do! The dealers room and artist's alley get bigger and bigger every year!

If you come, please be sure to stop by my table in the vendor's room, Extreme Kawaii. You'll know it when you see it. :3
Forcystus- trololololol

Any lolitas in North Dakota?

Hi everyone. :) I'm wondering if there are any lolitas/communities in North Dakota. I ask because if all things permissible, my mom and I will be moving down there in a few months(aiming for August). Probably to Bismarck, and I may go to university in Fargo or Grand Forks the next year. So I was wondering if there were any lolitas in the area that would be interested in getting together, especially since I won't know anyone besides my family there.

first coordinate tips needed

Hi everyone! Im here asking for some tips to make a coordinate with this skirt: I want the skirt in green but i dont really know how to coordinate it correctly i was thinking i could maybe use the white rocking horse shoes im getting with white tights, a white blouse and the bow that the skirt has on the front as a head peace, but i feel its to much white. If i cant coordinate the skirt in green i would do in in black and white. So any ideas,tips? Note: english is not my firts language so im not very good at writing it im fluent at speacking it but not writing it so im sorry if i have grammar problems ill try to do my best in correcting this post. Im sorry if the post appears as a big chunk of text im tring to fix that problem but well its not working (sad face)

Brand Introduction : PIRIYA


Hello everyone :D

My name is Nanthanit. I have been sewing my own lolita clothes since I started waring this fashion. I love drawing and designing a lot.
I decided to found my own lolita brand so that I can share my design to other lolitas :3 I specialise in making classic and gothic dresses but sometimes I make sweet-classic. I am going to
release my first design for this brand very soon. Please take a look <3

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