March 19th, 2014

Handmade Skirt Rating

Hey there!
I am a just getting started in lolita, but have been lurking for years. I was discussing it with my sister, who is a seamstress, and sure enough I got the skirt below as a surprise present from her. Not the best photo of it and it is missing the petticoat, but I am just looking for some additional thoughts on it. The black fabric is actually a denim, but you would never know except from the weight. The lace is high quality and vintage. I am trying to come across proper items to match to it, but I am struggling, so in addition to general thoughts on the skirt, I am also looking for some affordable ($40 or less) blouses suggestions.

I came across the one below, but am a bit scared of ending up Ita without the thoughtful eyes of skilled lolitas.
Collapse )

Anyway, thanks for any and all help!