March 18th, 2014


How did you discover lolita?

I do not know if this really fits with the theme, but one of the example topics is "reminisce about your starting days in lolita". So, I thought it would be fun to talk about how we discovered the fashion! I'm interested to hear everyone else's experiences :). Sorry if it doesn't fit with the theme... And I'm having trouble with tags. I'll try to add them later.
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Brand Introduction: ★Petite Royale★

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Hello Everyone ♥

Our brand Petite Royale has been around for the past few years but in the past year we've really started to get down to business! (very frilly business ;3 )
We specialize in Headdresses, Jewelry and accessories. We blend our love of all things sweet, classic, and sumptuous to make items that are thoughtful and unique, sometimes even a little elegantly geeky. We love doing one-off and custom work for our customers and we've recently been working at color matching our ribbon accessories to specific prints.

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New to Lolita!

Hello everyone!! I'm a newbie lolita (are there any cute terms for this?), and I've broken into the fashion by making my own JSKs, since affording brand will be something I dream of for a long time to come. I have recently ordered my first Krad Lanrete dress, however, and am excitedly waiting for it to arrive!!

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my pride and joy, the Versailles JSK I made for Valentine's Day. I've made one before it (a striped Christmas one), but there are some flaws that I should've noted before finishing the dress. However, my Versailles JSK is something that I am extremely proud of, and would love some feedback to the design!

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I'm also working on my own lolita brand (under the name KarmaKatelyn Designs). Does anyone have any advice when it comes down to starting up a brand? I have a few lines in mind to work on over the summer, which I'll debut at SacAnime Summer's Fashion Show.

Thanks everyone for taking a look! I'm excited to be more involved in this group.