March 17th, 2014

It's time for another round of 'It's so ITA! ...I must have it!'

There are pieces out there that make people cringe. The color pallette is off, the cut is strange, the shape is unflattering, or it's just really  out there.  ...Or someone stuck fur and giant bunny ears to a traffic cone and called in a bonnet. Looking at you, AP.

Regardless, it's an item that most would wrinkle their noses at. Except for you. It's your secret shame, and you admire it from afar. For some people, it's a 20,000 yen book hat that takes their breath away. For others, it's a bodyline frock that makes their hearts pitter-patter. What's the borderline unacceptable lace monster that caught your heart like an ita siren?

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Modern Lady II

Dear Margaret's Modern Lady 3 Catalogue

Hello everyone! Dear Margaret is continuing the Modern Lady series with Modern Lady 3! This might be the last of the Modern Lady series, but we hope that you love it as much as the first and second Modern Lady series. For spring 2014, the designer made a piece that can be used as a spring coat or a dress. There are buttons in the front that you can open or close to your liking along with a side pocket to store your cellphone or other small item. The designer had a tough time choosing the colorways but we hope that you like them. A little shoot was done as well, so we hope you enjoy the pictures!

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We hope that you like the design and the photos. Each Dear Margaret piece is handmade by the designer with love and attention to quality.