March 16th, 2014


Increase in Japan's consumption tax rate to 8% starting April 1st, 2014

In case you haven't heard, a 2012 bill passed by the lower house of the Japanese diet will go into effect in just a few weeks. The bill will increase the consumption tax rate from 5% to 8% by April 1st, 2014. The rate will again be increased to 10% by October 2015.

Meta in particular has posted this notice on their official website. This means that there will be a change in item price and possibly also the postage price for all of the brands. Some of the shopping services I've used have mentioned this news on an email, so please be sure to check with your SS for any changes in fees. Things will certainly be more expensive if you're importing from Japan!

Ouji Names?

I've been doing some writing, and I'm having a hard time coming up with names for boys. But I don't want to use boring names like Randy or Frank or Bob (apologies to members who do have these names!) because I want them to match the fancy Lolita-inspired names of my female characters!

Plus since there is a Lolita Names list already, it only seems fair to compile a list of BOY'S (or androgynous) names that everyone could refer to!

Thanks all around in advance.
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