March 9th, 2014

Black and White, then and now

In line with this month's theme, let's take a look at one of the most stigmatized color combinations in lolita, black and white. Once one of the most iconic color pairings of lolita, it's now fallen from grace. It has become the staple of knock-off companies. This color combo has gotten such a bad rap that newbie lolitas and even some veterans will automatically classify any dress sporting the infamous b/w as being unfailingly ita. It's a terrible shame, so let's celebrate the down-trodden! Post your favorite pieces that exemplify the tasteful, classic contrast of black and white!

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closet child help!?

Hello everyone!

I placed an order with closet child today but I chose PayPal for payment method but I didn't yet pay for the item. I received an email from closet child confirming my order but I didn't yet pay for it...I'm a bit confused :p Will they send an email asking for my PP so I can pay for it or will I have to message them for it? Please help many thanks x
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