March 7th, 2014

Help a Poor Lolita!!! Ideas for Prints?

Hello there, my little fuzzy baby bats!

Well, I'm actually new on LJ, but I always read EGL posts even b4 I made my account. Sooo, anyway...WHO CARES???

I've been a Gothic Lolita since de the end of 2012, and I really enjoy researching about things I like, so I actually understand alot about lolita. But I have like...3 coords or something :(
Why, you ask me? Well, I live in Brazil, and let's say the taxes aren't friendly (not the shipping either).

Since things are very expensive, basically all my stuff is handmade. My mother works with plastic arts and fashion, so she helps me alot with these things. I asked her if she could maybe paint an print on one of my lolita plain black skirts, and she told me she could do it.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is why I need your help, fellow lolis! Pretty pleaaase, for you lolis who know about any print that would be actually easy to paint, and would look really cute on a plain black skirt.

(Something like this: 14llyzt)<<<--- (I'll probably remove some details from the upper lines so it won't get too hard for my mom so, it really doesn't need to be 100% simple, because I can adapt the whole idea)
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March Monthly Theme - Old-School!

March's theme is Old-School
With old-school lolita day coming up on March 8th (mark your calendars, ladies and gents!), what better time is there to celebrate our lolita heritage? Reminisce about your starting days in lolita, complain about the lack of raschel lace in today's outfits, long for the days where every lolita rode in on a pair of rocking-horse shoes.... It's all fair game! If you don't want to make a post of your own lamenting the death of the maxipad headdress (and you really should want to), feel free to discuss the pros and cons of our frilly sisters on this post.

Artwork this month is by rococopuff9.