March 4th, 2014

Haenuli X Marchen die Prinzessin Collaboration Design Catalogue release!

Hello, Ladies. Long time no see. :3
This is indie brand 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie.

Our new design is
Haenuli X Marchen die Prinzessin Collaboration!
Print design by Haenuli and dress design by me.
This is my first print dress! Print theme is 'Lolita lady's Room'. Very lovely and cute. XD

I'm very happy to
show all the pictures to you, Hope you girls can enjoy this :D

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Thank you for watching! :3

Lost/Stolen/misdelivered package horror stories

So yesterday I just experienced my first lost/stolen or misdelivered package. USPS insists that they had delivered it to my location, but I was at home, there was no knock on my door or any package left next to my door. When I expressed concerns and told them of the incident, they basically called me a liar, and offered me no options to remedy the situation. When I called consumer affairs, they told me it is illegal to file a claim on a lost or stolen package, and then told me that Angelic Pretty will have to be the one to file the claim. *Sigh* I have since made a police report of it possibly being stolen, but I don't have high hopes of them finding the item.

So, I want to hear your package horror stories. Did you have a similar experience? Were you offered better Customer service? Were you able to find your package, or did you give up all hope?

UPDATE: I found my Package!!!! Turns out that moron delivered it to the wrong address, and LIED about it!!!!! I Then called my local post office and made them apologize to me for all of the trouble they caused me.

SpreePicky/CLOBBA/Infanta Review - All Positive!

Within the last week, I finally received a couple of orders that I placed in January and early February. I'm very happy with my purchases. ^__^

Both reviews are image-heavy, and the second one has a link to even MORE photos! XD

SpreePicky Review
CLOBBA/Infanta Review (Dark Magic Party Pinafore Dress + Beret!)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to help! :D