February 19th, 2014

ruby gloomy

For all the Irish Lolitas!!! (particularly if you live in the Munster Region)

I realise Ireland has a small population but I'm still looking for any lolitas who live in Ireland. A Cork lolita community page has been set up:

Haha, I wonder where all the Irish/Munster lolitas are hiding! Meet-ups and events will be announced via that page but first, there has to actually be lolitas to attend the events. (;¬д¬)

Super Late Wardrobe post

Finally received my JetJ Robe de l'angneau, so I decided to do my first wardrobe post to this community. It's was my first year in lolita, so my wardrobe isn't big ^^ Hope you'll enjoy it!

upd: forgot to post some things and tights, updated now
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My First Meet-up Coordinate

Hello all! I will be going to my first lolita meet-up with the Southern Ontario Lolita community on Sunday... It will be my first time meeting other Lolita's since I'm from a sort of rural community. I'm trying to put together a decent and simple coord so they do not think I'm an "ita noob" (even though I AM a noob... But shhhh). It's a very casual cafe meet so I didn't want to do anything over the top.

Here is what I have planned:

I'd also like to hear from you guys about your first meet-up experiences! I'm very curious as to how these things go... If you have any etiquette tips or posts to direct me to I'm all ears.

Thanks for listening!

Here is my full coordinate now on! Thanks everyone for the help :)
I am sorry for the picture's quality my brother is really bad at taking pictures...