January 3rd, 2014

How often does Bodyline release new prints/dresses

Seems like I've been craving something new and there's a few Taobao dresses I have my eyes on but I started to wonder if bodyline ever actually released anything new often? I know balloon bears came out but that's really the only thing I've seen. A lot of their stuff is out of stock right now so it seems like it's about time they did something.
crown, roses

Question about AP Lucky Pack Sizing?

Hello! :-)

I wanted to get the Candy Sprinkle lucky pack from Angelic Pretty, but don't know which one is best for me. My main concern is with the jsk sizing. There are two jsk sets listed with this print. Either set would be fine by me. I know I'll probably have to sell whatever doesn't fit me (which would probably be almost everything but the jsk, half bonnet/headbow, purse and/or socks).

For reference my measurements are B 38 inches, W 35 inches, and 5'8" tall.

EDIT: I heard the "Special Set" is only partially shirred, not *fully* shirred, with about a 98 cm bust. What about the rest of the measurements? Do you think they are off too?

"Jumperskirt Set" in Pink
* 5 items (Jsk, headbow, blouse, purse, socks)
* Jsk measurements:
Length: Approximately 84.5 cm + lace 3 cm
Bust: Cm 88-108 cm
Waist: 68-78 Cm
* shoulder strap is adjustable.
* back shirring offers some ease of fit

"Special Set" in Pink
* 7 items (Coat, jsk, half bonnet, blouse, cardigan, purse, socks)
* Jsk measurements:
Length: 87 Cm + 3 cm race
Bust: Approx. 84 cm.
West: Approximately 70 cm.
* back shirring offers some ease of fitting

Thanks! :-)