Sprinkle (sprinklepuff) wrote in egl,

Wigs with realistic parts/skin tops

Ladies, I need wig help!!!

For the life of me, I cannot seem to find wigs with realistic parts/skin tops. They might have a teeny tiny, circular "part" or piece of skin on the top, but it's basically pointless. The problem I'm finding is that when a wig doesn't have a part, it gives the look that you kinda have a cone-head or an enoooormooooous forehead. The bangs are just too long and/or bulky. It looks all wrong. And while I try trimming the bangs and pulling the wig forward more, it's just.... Ugh. Nope.

This is the awkward look I'm referring to.

Even many Gabalnara wigs seem to have this problem. Any recommendations?
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs

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