December 12th, 2013

Opinion on Pinkly Ever After?

Hello~ I saw this dress pop up on my tumblr and I thought it was super cute, well, except for the lace at the bottom, but I could replace that. Here it is: Has anyone had experience with their products before? I'm hesitant at paying $200 for a dress which isn't brand-quality. Thank you!

Ordering from Infanta

I was curious what the best way to order this dress was, or if anyone has it and wants to sell. Any color really will do, same goes for the design I just love the print!

Heres the dress


Hello there! I'd like to introduce myself as well as get some pointers!

Im Osito; Pleasure to chat with you all.

Im somewhat new to EGAfashion and am into steampunk and renaissance wear. Upon scouring sites Ive noticed a reoccurring thing. They just don't seem to have my size.

Im rather tall and rather broad shoulders, also Im a male. My measurements are as follows.

Neck - 15 inches

Shoulders - 24 inches across

Chest - 39 inches

Waist - 32 inches

Pant - 34 inches

Im a little over 6'2 and I find it nearly impossible to find my size without it being custom and the clothes as you all know are already pricey enough :: ). I was hoping that with some of your expertise I may be able to update my wardrobe. Thanks in advance and cheers!

Edit: Very important to detail I forgot to add is that I am a male which makes it even harder for me to find clothing.
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