September 28th, 2013

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Lady Sloth Review: Positive!

My first review. Yay! Prior to sending in my order to Lady Sloth, I had asked if it was okay to pay a few days after it was sent in, and she promptly let me know it was fine, and sent me the invoice a couple days after the date I specified I could pay. I sent in my order on 14/08/13 or so, and paid a few days later. On 14/09/13 she sent me an email saying it was shipped. I received the package 26/09/13. I ordered her Autumn Flowers normal waist skirt in purple, and her Magical landscape JSK in red. I ordered during the summer sale, and the overall price including shipping was 110$ USD

Also, sorry for the poor photos. It was raining the day I got it so the lighting sucks. I've taken some good ones today, but I didn't feel like trying it on again just to take a picture.

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About Lacebook suspension

So recently I came across this page called Lacebook, which is basically a facebook for lolitas.
Now when I tried to log in the page said that it's suspended. Does anybody know anything about this?
I sent a message for the owner of the site. Too bad if the site is now completely shut down,
because I think it was a great way to get known to lolitas all over the world.
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Harajuku Fashion show at MCM Expo!

We need your help!

Currently, the Harajuku Fashion Show needs some lolita models for the fashion show happening at October MCM Expo in London.
We only have 1 lolita, meaning we need a lot more! We need:

1- Classic Lolita
1- Gothic Lolita
2- Sweet Lolita
1- Other sub-style of Lolita, eg Sailor, Kodona, Guro etc!

If you wear any of these styles and want to show off your frills on the stage, click here for details and contact us!
Closing date is October 15th, so you have time to write your application.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!^^