September 3rd, 2013


Question regarding JetJ's Robe du Angers

Hi everyone!

I just have a quick question regarding this dress from JetJ
I understand that the sleeves are puff sleeve, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the sleeve opening is elastic/shirred? If it's not a shirring sleeve opening (ie a set sizing), can anyone with the size 2 version of this dress be able to provide me the measurement of the sleeve opening?

Thank you so much! :D

Bodyline shoes 272 Review

I am reviewing 272 bodyline shoes and bodyline necklace! This is my first review/post, so I hope it is easy to understand!

I am a HUGE fan of oxford styled shoes, especially worn with lolita fashion. <3 So here we go!....

[ CLICK HERE for Bodyline 272 shoe review with pictures!]

(Bodyline's product photo for shoes 272)
Where to buy...

I am reviewing...
Bodyline Shoes 272 in the black colorway, size 240. (I wear a US womens size 8, and they fit me perfectly!) Also, a Alice in Wonderland jewelry piece I purchased from their website as well. :)

I wanted to review their oxford styled 272 shoes, because before I bought mine, I looked EVERYWHERE online to find a review and could not find one. So I figured I would be the first to do one on these beauties! :) At least I think i'm the first. lol This is the first pair of shoes I bought from Bodyline.

So to start package actually came in the mail August 30th, but since I wasn't home, I received a notice to go to the post office to pick it up...which was today 9/3/2013. I was super happy to finally go get it and take home my package...

Sorry, I drew a heart there to block out my address. And also sorry for the glare on some of these pics...It was hard to find good lighting, plus I am not the best at picture taking. lol But anyways, there it is! I made my purchase from Bodyline on August 17th...I am VERY pleased with how fast the shipping was! It took two weeks to get to the US- California. :)

There was some flaws to the packaging. :/ I have bought a OP from them about a year ago and packaging was great! So I am a bit confused with the shoes packaging done the way it was. But I am sure it was just from its long journey here...however, I would of like better packaging to better protect the shoe box since that was the only other covering other then the outer package wrapping. My shoes could of been damaged if shipped here aggressively. Maybe I am being a bit picky for that expectation...but overall the items remained undamaged and in new condition which is what I really care about! So thank goodness for that! :)

Now for the opening of the box! :D

The necklace was placed over the one layer of bubble wrap surrounding the shoes. Still feel like there could of been more padding, but like I said, they are undamaged, so I am not docking points from Bodyline. lol Still very wonderful service and good quality items for the price! ^__^

They came with the stick thingys inside to keep the shoes in shape...along with rolled paper inside the toe for extra support, which was was nice! :)

One of the first things I noticed when I opened them was the minimal flaws...

There is a dent in the toe of the left shoe.

And the little holes were not cut super clean.

Other then that though, The shoes are very clean cut, no loose threads, true black color, beautiful design, high quality fabric, light weight, and super comfortable! I feel like I can wear them all day. I am pretty sure the flaws are things that will be hard to notice.

More Pictures of shoes....

Size:240...I wear a US women size 8 and they fit me perfectly! And yes, there is also that little room needed for wearing socks. :)</b> I have heard stories about some mess ups with Bodyline's shoes size, so I can't promise it will be as perfect for you as it is for me if you are a size 8, but it is the size I recommend because of how nice they fit me. ^__^ Also might depend if your feet are wider, etc. But I would say to measure your foot in cm and follow bodyline's shoes size chart. So far, pretty true to size. But keep in mind, room for socks! I remember my feet measuring closer to a size 335, but I rounded up to a 240 because of room for socks. But even bare foot in shoe, it is perfect with that right amount of room included! If you are size US 8 and want to buy these, I wouldn't say to go any smaller. But like I said, I have heard they are off at times. But luckly mine came out to be perfect! I am pleased. :) Sorry I am rambling lol.

More pics of shoes!

Now time to show off the necklace!

(Bodyline's product photo for necklace ACC1222)
Where to buy...

I purchased this from Bodyline's "Sandries" section where they sell alot of different accessories.
I figured I would just add something else on to my shoes purchase since shipping would stay the same and that way I would save money. I absolutely LOVE it! It is gorgeous in person. Wonderful quality and I love that it designed to be like a pocket watch. It doesn't open up, but yes you can fix the time and it does actually work as a watch! ^__^ I can't wait to wear this with my white lace blouse. <3

So overall, WONDERFUL purchase! I love everything, great quality, fast shipping.

Out of 5 stars... I give the packaging a 3.5, the shoe quality a 4.8 and the necklace a 5. I am just so happy with the purchase and the quality for the price. I absolutely love everything and will buy shoes from them again. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was easy to follow. If not, it will only improve I hope. lol But either way, I hope this has helped anyone trying to find a review and other pictures on these lovely bodyline, oxford styled lolita shoes. <3 ^__^

A Chipmunk

Baby the Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates Items With Boning

Baby the Stars Shine bright and Alice and the Pirates don't always mention when their items have boning in them, and after owning two dresses from them with boning which both had fit/construction issues for me, I was wondering if we could make a list of their dresses and skirts that have boning so that data could be added to lolibrary?

I'm also curious if the boning has caps, if it's cased (sewn into a tube of fabric), or if it's just sewn down to a seam like this.

I've added the tag to the two dresses I have, and I'll keep adding them here as we get them here.

That said, has anyone else had issues with boning in an Aatp or Baby garment poking through the fabric? Also, do you find that their garments fit worse or better when they have boning?