August 29th, 2013

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Lolita Tips on Tumblr looking for Video Response

Given that there was a recent thread about introducing Lolita Fashion to parents, I thought this tumblr inquiry needed to be shared here;

Lolita Tips is looking for Lolitas to send in videos answering 4 questions (1. “Lolita is…” (describe Lolita in three words) 2. What do you love about Lolita? 3. How does wearing Lolita make you feel? 4.What does your family think about Lolita?) so she can edit them together into an informative video that girls can show their parents.

Your first sewing project

To those of you who sew your own clothes... What was the first Lolita sewing project you ever finished? I think it would be fun if you shared photos of your first and most recent projects for comparison :D

I'm not new to Lolita, but I suck at sewing and have never finished anything. I want to try again ;_; I made a list of all the GLB patterns I own, but now I can't decide what to make first, so I'm searching for inspiration.