April 30th, 2013

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Help! Credit card not accepted?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of trying to purchase a dress from Maiden Clothing, a Japanese resale shop that takes overseas orders. I received an invoice for my order via NICOS, which from what I can tell is a Japanese credit card company. The payment process was easy to complete (you must fill in your credit card information), but at the "confirmation" stage, I received a message stating that my card wasn't "available to use" (per Google Translate -- original text was お申込ができませんでした。) and advising that I contact my bank or credit card company.

I've tried two cards thus far: a Visa (debit) and a Master Card (credit). (The invoice stated that NICOS takes both.) When the first one was rejected, I tried to go back to begin again, but got this message: お申込ができませんでした。 (Google tells me that it says "the subscription isn't possible"?) The invoice was sent to me in link form in an e-mail from NICOS. Clicking the link now gives me the same notice about the "subscription." I can't view the invoice at all.

I contacted Maiden Clothing the first time, explaining my situation, and they sent me another invoice from NICOS. I tried the Master Card but to no avail. The exact same thing happened.

I use both cards all the time and there is more than enough money on each to cover the cost of the dress. I've never received an invoice through NICOS and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. (Maiden Clothing doesn't take Paypal, as far as I know.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!
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Shop Opening + Double Giveaway!

Hello, all! Some months ago I posted here asking for critique with my shop Bubble Cafe Crafts, but recently I took my inpsiration in a different direction. I made a separate label named Fantastic Grim that caters toward a more mature aesthetic. While Bubble Cafe is essentially sweet/pastel/cute accessories, a lot of FG's designs work with classic, gothic, aristocrat and guro style depending on how you wear them! There's even a little bit of dolly and mori taste in some of the accessories, I wanted to keep a quirky range of styles available.

I'd like to announce that both shops are hosting giveaways right now through Facebook and Tumblr, and you can join in!

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Twinning theme times five!

Hello again EGL! I'm posting once again for the April twinning theme.

Me and my friend Sara (antik_poesi) recently discovered that we own quite a few of the same dresses. So when the twinning theme was announced we came up with the idea to try and make as many twinning coordinates as possible!
Under the cut are the five twinning coordinates we put together.

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Twinning of Epic Proportions

Hello, EGL.

I haven't posted in a while, but when I saw the themes for this month, I knew I had to post. So I slaved and I slaved and I got it done juuuust in time. I made a timeline of all the outfits that my friend Annso and I have been twinning with, since 2010. There are a LOT of photos and I can't possibly post them all.


But since the theme also mentions famous pairs, I'll include the photos of us with Maki and Asuka!!

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Thanks for reading ^_^
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Model Call: Colossalcon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show

Hello! We are looking for models with their own Lolita clothing for the Colossalcon Fashion Show! The convention is in Sandusky, OH at the Kalahari Resort from June 6th through the 9th. The show will be on Friday evening in Main Events. The application to model can be found here. Applications close on May 22nd. More information can be found in the application itself. I hope we can have a really great fashion show!