April 19th, 2013


Closet Child Problems

I ordered a dress on Wednesday and recieved the confirmation email (in Japanese...). I never got an invoice, so I went to the contact page and asked about it. I recieved an email immediatly, but it's in Japanese! What did I do wrong?
Edit: They invoiced me. Everything is fine, I'm just paranoid xD
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Braces and Lolita ?

Hello ! I'm planning to start my Lolita wardrobe since two months now. I thought I were ready to purchase my first dress, but a week ago, I learnt I was going to have to wear braces. And I'm afraid I'm going to look really weird in Lolita with braces ... (My braces are probably going to be metal ones, not those clear ceramic ones.)
What do you think of this ? Would it look okay or should I really wait to get my braces off to wear Lolita ?