April 16th, 2013


Worn pictures or owner coordinates of MmM Archangel?

I'm looking for worn photos or at least owner coordinates of MmM Archangel OP or JSK, ideally someone wearing the long JSK so I can see where it hits.  I've searched here and Tumblr and a Google image search without turning up anything but 2 owner photos of just solo OP/JSK. Does anyone have any pix or links please?
Thank you very much,

Need help..

Okay so I have been refraining from buying lolita clothing for a while now. Why? Because of sizes. The plus size outfits are too big at the waist and not big enough at the bust. I live in the US and I wear size 5s and 38DD. So there is my problem...average on the bottom and bigger on the top. I haven't been able to find any store, replica or real brand or anything that can make good lolita clothing to fit my size. Does anyone know how I can get lolita clothing to fit my size? Any advice would be amazing. Thank you so much. =/