April 12th, 2013

Angelic Pretty's Happy Candy skirt measurements issues

Hello ^^,
i'd like to know about if the Happy Candy Skirt measurements are ok for someone who is 42 (EU size) and my waist is 70 cm but i fear it can be too tight on me since it's better have some cm loose (maybe i should leave the skirt unbuttoned XD?).  Probably these shorter AP skirts suit better a 40 EU size -.-"".
Hello Lace link of the item

Recently in Osaka...

Last week I was in Japan and my map reading skills are, well, pretty atrocious apparently.
I was looking for Angelic Pretty and I just couldn't find it! (Turns out it was about a 3 minute walk from my hotel but I was going the wrong way) anyway, after much fruitless asking and searching I found a lovely lolita in a Baby dress and asked her. Rather than just telling me where to go, she walked me there! It was quite a long walk (I was more lost than I thought) and I felt really bad as she was obviously just enjoying doing some shopping, and she didn't need to walk me there as it was really out the way of where we were. It was the sweetest thing and she didn't even come into the shop!

Just wanted to tell my lovely story, as I wouldn't have found Angelic Pretty without this really kind Lolita in Osaka!
(And if she's a member of EGL and manages to read this - Thank you so much!)

Fanplusfriend's Autumn Contrast Color Outfit: Yay or Nay?

I was poking around Fanplusfriend to look for items to add to my wishlist and I came across this outfit:

Classical Lolita Autumn Contrast Color Outfit

I looked at the other colorways they had and the only one that seemed to appeal to me was the light blue and pink version. Besides that, I'm not sure if this one is a dreaded "ita" item or if it is a nice (albeit unusual) purchase. So before I place it on my wishlist, I'd like to hear some opinions from you guys. Should I get this in the near future or stay away from it like the plague? Thanks for your time! *bows*