April 9th, 2013

Shirley Deer's new print?? (Taobao store)

Hello to all,
I found this picture featuring an AP-style sorta print, in four colors called "Sweet Toy Party". I really like it, because finally a Taobao shop does a OTT sweet lolita print which isn't a replica of Angelic Pretty (ah there is also the Dolly House of Infanta but i like more this print) and for me, who loves the OTT lolita/fairy kei combo of Angelic Pretty but I cannot afford so much brand items and it's very very hard to find items like this in taobao stores since there is too much classic style, but sadly isn't my cup of tea.
So... i'd like to know if anyone here knows news about the items featuring this print, because i cannot find nothing about it. I hope they will do a salopette or a low waist skirt!

Shop's website: http://shirleydeer.taobao.com/

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AP International Help - Returned to Sender - *Resolved & Info for Future References*

Has anyone dealt with an order from AP International being returned to the sender?
I made a mistake in my shipping address - accidentally used my hometown zip code instead of my college city zip, and while I've done this once before and my mail came just fine as someone had written in the right address at the postal service, I wasn't as lucky this time and my tracking number tells me on March 30th it was returned to the sender.
I checked their International Shipping Center website and it said if a package is returned to them, they will inform you if a package gets returned to them and will re-send it so long as you pay shipping, and after 30 days they will either destroy the package or return it to the sender (AP).
I tried using a contact form for the shipping center to tell them my package is being sent back and that I will re-pay for shipping, so that they're aware of the situation and should expect it being returned to them, but I haven't gotten a response and I wrote it early last week.
I'll post updates should something similar happen to someone else in the future!

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  • jithyn

Removing bad smell from clothes


I recently bought a second hand dress, it's a Meta's Night of Masquerade. There's only one problem: it came with a terrible smell.  It's not the smell of human body, it's the smell of mold, the smell the clothes get when they are stored in very humid places. The dress, mind you, is perfect and flawless but there's this smell.

I don't know what to do, should I wash it? I tried to let it some hours in the sun light, but it wasn't successful. Of course, if it was a simple blouse I would wash it right away, but it's a lolita dress as delicate as it can get, I'm afraid;;

Any ideas?

Gothic/Lolita/Punk Photo Book Project DEADLINE 30.04.2013

Some of you already know I'm currently working on a project for a Berlin-based publishing agency called alt//cramer. We publish various, high quality and large-sized coffee table books which go into worldwide sale. Our focus is on fashion, lifestyle, beauty and design. We collaborate with different designers, creative artists and agencies from international luxury labels to young, new and exclusive talents. At this point there's a book in the making featuring many japanese brands such as Baby, the stars shine bright/Alice and the Pirates, Atelier Pierrot, Innocent World, h.Naoto, Juliette et Justine and many more.

We want to show the followers of this fashion as well, so here's your chance to be in a book next to your favourite brands!

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