April 2nd, 2013


I'm moving to Wisconsin, this week. Wausau to be exact! Wondering if there might be a Lolita community there?
Or even just one other Lolita who would like meet up sometime. :) Thanks!!
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TaoBao Spree timeline question.

So I made an order with TaoBao Spree to get some Krad Lanrete stuff about two weeks ago. I haven't heard anything from them for the second part of the order. I know they have to order it and get it sent to them before they get back with me. But I am getting a little antsy, and was wondering if anyone here had ordered through TaoBao Spree before and if so what was there wait time between first payment and second payment. I think part of what has me so anxious is that the print I want was already limited quantity and I want to make sure I am able to get it, though I would assume they would have messaged me before now saying they were unable to get it. Let me know if I am over stressing it or if maybe I should contact them and find out.


has anyone here ever heard of this place? clobbaonline.com

they have some nice lolita clothes but the way they want you to order from them is different from most. i am not sure if i should trust this place or not. they have one particular JSK dress that i want and its reasonably priced + shipping is decent compared to other places.

anyway if anyone can offer me any advice i'd appreciate it :]

Couple of questions for an old timer

Hey guys,

I kind of fell out of the fashion a good few years ago for various reasons and just wanted to ask a question or two

1. On a regular meet-up what is it that you usually do? i.e. is there a specific place you meet or hang around (such as 'alternative' shopping areas).This is for an essay I'm doing for university about subcultures use of space, my last meet ups are now nice hazy memory at best and I can't remember any of the details. (I'm also just a bit curious if they've changed at all in the past 3/4 years, and lack of time means I can't search 60+ pages of EGL to try and compare)

2. Anyone know what the scene is like nowadays in Manchester, UK? I'm simply curious about this one and Loligoth_UK doesn't seem to throw anything at me, I know I saw a loli on my tram back to my parents house towards Oldham the other month.