March 26th, 2013

sailor lolita

Punk lolita photoshoot: Victoria, queen of hearts.

It's no secret that punk lolita isn't as common as it once was. Also cutesy prints have taken over, leaving traditional woven patterns behind.

I love tartan and plaid patterns. And so did, coincidently, the biggest trendsetter in Victorian England- queen Victoria herself. In fact, the whole can/tartan system was invented by the Victorians (or so my lovely reference books say).

In this co-ord, I wanted to embody my love for punk lolita, the kilt and plaid. Hope you like it!

(photos taken by my boyfriend in the plantation gardens, Norwich)

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kilt skirt with sporran and crown handmade by myself. Blouse and gloves second-hand. Shoes are altered an*tai*na.

If you like the look of my handiwork, I am now taking commissions!