March 22nd, 2013

Submit Photos for Me to Draw?

Hi, I was just wondering if some of you wouldn't mind posting some photos of you in lolita for me. I'm practicing drawing fabrics and clothing, so I would like the photos full or mostly full body. I would like sitting or laying poses with the dress kind of bunched up  and action poses so the dress is in motion. If you make gifs, that's fine too as long as the motion is clean and clear. The more intricate the dress, the better. Also, if there's a certain photograph that strikes my fancy, I'll probably include a drawing of it into my portfolio. I'd be happy to show you my finished sketches as I'll most likely end up doing all submitted photos just for the practice. Thanks in advanced!
A Chipmunk

New Online Shop for BTSSB/AatP San Fransisco

I know that BTSSB SF has been accepting orders, to some degree, via email for a bit now, but today, I noticed they announced on Facebook that they have opened an online shop.

Shop URL:

It looks like they accept reservations, offer sale items, and normal stock through this site, and a quick look at the check out page shows the option to select either the US or Canada for shipping.

You have the option of creating a user account with them on check out (though, I don't see a way to make one without buying anything), or checking out as a guest, and they seem to accept paypal or credit-card payments via paypal.

The item info is all in English, but they refer you back to the Japanese shop to check the stock of reservation items.

I know ordering from BTSSB's Japanese Webshop sometimes has resulted in hiccups for international customers, and so I'd be curious to see if this provides a better online buying experience for North American lolita...

Victorian maiden & color

Hi, I was wondering what the color "cinnamon" from Victorian Maiden looks like IRL.
it seems to be a bit like a cream/light brown color, especially according to the name. Or is it more ivory?
thanks very much in advance if you reply!

People of walmart

I was just looking on the Internet last night and I found this picture [] of me on people of Walmart and the people commenting not all but some were saying some terrible stuff and now I'm scared to go out dressed in lolita. I was also wondering if this has ever happened to you before?

Thank you bunches

Update thank you to everyone who commented I really appreciate it and I really can't thank you enough for everything *Hugs everyone* thank you :)
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