February 27th, 2013

That's one lucky lolita if my suspicions are correct.

It's 4:00pm and I have nothing to do, so what do I watch? Boring afternoon TV. I was actually helping my mum write an email and then I looked up and noticed a rather fancy, countryside house with very loliable decor. Maybe it's just me? I mean some of the rooms look absolutely hideous in my opinion, but it's hard to believe that a little old granny would have hello kitty on the fridge, pink door knobs and a goldfish in a pink tank in the kitchen. Not to mention the one of the master bedrooms is an explosion of pastel pink - perfect for a sweet lolita! And the other which is perfect for classic!

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Lolita Jewelry

Hello! I've been making jewelry of all types for many years now and I was wondering if it could apply to the lolita fashion? Most lolita jewelry I've seen are made of plastic. And while they are certainly cute and I love looking at them, they are not really for me. I'm more of a classic elegance type, old school perhaps? I'm not sure how to put it. I also love metals and intrinsic details.

I've been told that what I make can be part of lolita fashion, but I'd like to ask a larger community's opinion in general. In the photo above, I've collage some of my composite style pieces for your consideration, I like to call my line of composite pieces My Metal Garden, they are mostly barrettes, hair clips, and rings though I have made chokers in the past as well.

Thank you for your thoughts! ^_^

A damaged dress from Bodyline

Hello egl,

Do you guys have enough of Bodyline's drama? Because I have a new one for you.

The story started on 12th January, I asked my friend who went to Japan to bought some jsks for me one was L481 in purple another was L515 in yellow. TheL481 was fine like any normal Bodyline products but the L515 wasn't.

When my friend came back and took the dresses to me, still we didn't see anything wrong with the dress until I took the dress out to wash. I noticed that some parts of the dress was discolored, especially the front of the bodice.


(the rest of the photo)
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