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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
January 31st, 2013 
A rather unusual post, but while searching for technical literature I found a Bachelor Thesis from 2009 named Japanese women's language as a covert standard : a case study on the speech of the gothic-lolita. Unfortunately it is not available online and not outside the college Library. But I would like to get in contact with the author and ask if I may get a copy.
If you happen to be a member of EGL and read this, please drop me a line. :) Or in case anybody here knows her, I'd be glad if you could forward my request.
I may not be able to really use it for my own research, since Language isn't my department but I am curious and could probably find a few interesting hints in there.
Thanks for your time <3
This is my first wardrobe post, and it is mainly for my own archival purposes. I've loved lolita for almost five years, but I only started making and wearing it in September of 2012.

Click here to see a mainly classic and gothic wardrobe.Collapse )
Dear all
wonder if anyone has experience of using the rakuten J et J shop? If one places an order using the rakuten shop and not the main J et J site, will the order be confirmed by J et J or have the same priority as orders made on the J et J site?
Sorry if I am being paranoid! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I just stumbled across some lovely gothic lolita style gear on restyle.pl and was struck by how familiar some designs looked and wanted to ask the more experienced gals - are they replicas [I'm thinking they kinda look like Moitie] or just similar?
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AP lolita
I've been buying lolita pieces since 07 and wearing it since 08. My wardrobe isn't super large because I've lost a lot of weight and most of my older pieces are no longer in my wardrobe.
So I hope you enjoy my wardrobe post.
A diverse wardrobeCollapse )
I've never actually gotten around to doing this despite taking tons of pics for my poupee girl. So here is my current closet. Thank you for looking!

Classic, Dolly Kei, Brand, Off-brand, and Handmade!Collapse )
Hello everybody!

I'm Sara, from Sweden, and this is my first post here so I hope I'm doing this right... I've been into lolita since 2006/07 and made my first purchase in 2008. I'm mostly drawn to Sweet and Classic, favorite brands are BTSSB/AatP and IW. I wear lolita on a daily basis and often combined with offbrand pieces (not included in this post) so this is pretty much my one and only wardrobe. Enjoy~
Lots of clothes over here...Collapse )
10:34 pm - Sakura Con 2013
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     Two of my roommates for the con have backed out rather unexpectedly, and I was wondering if perhaps any of you lovely ladies were still looking for a room? It's booked from Thursday night through Sunday morning at the Sheraton, so we're right across from the Convention Center!
     Two small things though: no smoking please, as I am dreadfully allergic, and no drinking in the hotel room, as my little sister is with me. Sorry if those are deal breakers for you guys.
     Please drop me a comment or PM me!
     (This has been crossposted to WALolis, please let me know if I've made a mistake in posting, I don't post often at all)
popcorn, civic video, professional

While I consider myself a participant in lolita fashion since 2008, this is the first time I've done a wardrobe post, and honestly it's the first time I've felt proud to call it a wardrobe.

witcheemon's odd wardrobe!Collapse )


Wardrobe 2013 - Summary

Warning: Extremely photo heavy (over 80 images).  It would be wise for those with slow internet to navigate away without clicking (or enjoy the preview pic without clicking).

This post took too long to make...Collapse )

Panda, Dollfie
Talk about last minute @_@
But here it is; I've never done a wardrobe post before, but I basically have the whole thing on my blog when I post about new items :3
I've made the posts all on my blog since there's just too many pictures @_@

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