January 31st, 2013


Information about Thesis/Autor wanted

A rather unusual post, but while searching for technical literature I found a Bachelor Thesis from 2009 named Japanese women's language as a covert standard : a case study on the speech of the gothic-lolita. Unfortunately it is not available online and not outside the college Library. But I would like to get in contact with the author and ask if I may get a copy.
If you happen to be a member of EGL and read this, please drop me a line. :) Or in case anybody here knows her, I'd be glad if you could forward my request.
I may not be able to really use it for my own research, since Language isn't my department but I am curious and could probably find a few interesting hints in there.
Thanks for your time <3

SOLVED Jet J ordering

Dear all
wonder if anyone has experience of using the rakuten J et J shop? If one places an order using the rakuten shop and not the main J et J site, will the order be confirmed by J et J or have the same priority as orders made on the J et J site?
Sorry if I am being paranoid! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

My wardrobe (also first post ever)

Hello everybody!

I'm Sara, from Sweden, and this is my first post here so I hope I'm doing this right... I've been into lolita since 2006/07 and made my first purchase in 2008. I'm mostly drawn to Sweet and Classic, favorite brands are BTSSB/AatP and IW. I wear lolita on a daily basis and often combined with offbrand pieces (not included in this post) so this is pretty much my one and only wardrobe. Enjoy~
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Sakura Con 2013


     Two of my roommates for the con have backed out rather unexpectedly, and I was wondering if perhaps any of you lovely ladies were still looking for a room? It's booked from Thursday night through Sunday morning at the Sheraton, so we're right across from the Convention Center!
     Two small things though: no smoking please, as I am dreadfully allergic, and no drinking in the hotel room, as my little sister is with me. Sorry if those are deal breakers for you guys.
     Please drop me a comment or PM me!
     (This has been crossposted to WALolis, please let me know if I've made a mistake in posting, I don't post often at all)
Panda, Dollfie

First ever wardrobe post :o

Talk about last minute @_@
But here it is; I've never done a wardrobe post before, but I basically have the whole thing on my blog when I post about new items :3
I've made the posts all on my blog since there's just too many pictures @_@