January 25th, 2013

Haenuli's newst print catalogue~ Dreaming Cinderella


Hello girls, This is Haenuli :) <3 I just want to show my new- print "Dreaming Cinderella"
This was so exciting work, I just put on Disney -Cinderella O.S.T and sewing all the time.

I'm very happy to show all the pictures to you, I really try to make pretty coord so how many kind of styles does this dress can show.
So I had to coord 5 kinds of deffernt colorways. Does it look good?  Hope you girls can enjoy this :D

Collapse )

I hope your dreams come true- just like Cinderella did. That's why I decide to make this dress name "Dreaming Cinderella"
Thank you for watching :)

Midori Fukasawa returning to Anime Matsuri 2013!

For Anime Matsuri 2012, Midori Fukasawa graced the runway of the JFashion Show. A few months ago, I announced that Misako Aoki would be coming to Anime Matsuri 2013. Now, Midori is also coming back this March! Along with those 2 models, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designer Masumi Kano and Alice and the Pirates Designer Tomomi Cathy Nakamura will also be present.

You won't want to miss this chance! You can watch the 2012 Fashion Show here.

Taking non-lolita dresses and making them lolita

So how do you guys feel about taking dresses that aren't really lolita and making them lolita. I have a bunch of Hell Bunny brand dresses that I got last summer and the dresses are super cute like one is a zombie unicorn dress that could easily be a really fun lolita dress. I think Im gonna try it but, I wanted to know if anyone has done this before and could give me some tips or show your work.
Thanks xx
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Questions about AP French Café in Blue

Hello all!
So I decided to start to save money for one of my dream dresses, French Café in blue. But before I am really going to start with saving, I have a few questions.

- What am I expected to pay for the JSK (Switching or CR) or the OP? I have seen different prices, from 270$ to 425$. Is the dress still popular or sold often?
- Hello lace says they have around 90cm bust and 70cm waist, but since it has back-shirring, would a 100cm bust and 75cm waist fit? I just want to be sure.


(PS: I'm sorry for my english, it's not my first language)