January 24th, 2013

Regarding the destructive force that is customs.

I wanted to share a couple of lolita/customs horror stories that have recently affected me as both a seller and a buyer on the egl_comm_sales. These aren't monetary horror stories. Getting a massive customs bill sucks, but getting a package that customs has downright destroyed is far more devastating. I was wondering if anyone else has any similar experiences to share, and I was also hoping that these tales may be somewhat cautionary, especially to sellers. Adding a few extra layers of protective wrapping than you normally do can really go a long way, as it turns out.

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IW Standing Collar Tartan Check OP Sizing Question

Hello, everyone.

Lately I've been thinking to start saving to buy IW's Standing Collar Tartan Check OP in Brown (Size L).

I have no experience with IW's non shirred OPs. The lolibrary page said the measurements will be 78 cm waist max, and 101 cm bust max. My own measurements are 74 cm waist and 95 cm bust. If the measurements are correct I thought I should be able to fit, but I heard some of IW's OPs run much smaller than the listed measurements. I'm just making sure.

If any of you own the OP or have any of IW's non shirred OP, please share your information as well. And while we're at it, how much does this dress usually sell? Any information will be appreciated. Thank you for reading! :)

BTSSB: Shopping Cart priority?

I ordered from BTSSB for the very first time this Tuesday. As I've never done it before, I decided to go with what seemed the safe method and ordered by email, as that is the method I found a great guide in english to. I'm still waiting for my confirmation email, and I'm starting to worry.. What if somebody else ordered by shoppping cart, and the dress I wanted is all sold out when they finally get to my email, Since the shopping cart system gets you a confirmation email instantly? Does this happen?

Requesting Washing Instructions for AP's Triple Tart

Hi egl,

Just a quick question on how to wash my AP Triple Tart JSK (It's my first time washing a lolita dress and I'm scared, haha).
I have searched and looked through the washing instructions posts but cannot find anything. I have seen the dress in a couple of colourways pop up on the comm sales though, someone must know!
I have the lavender colourway, but I'm mainly worried about the red from the strawberries running.
Room temperature hand wash OK, or  dare I put it in the washing machine on hand wash cycle (low temperature)?

Thanks so much!