January 21st, 2013


Historical Theme: Viking Lolita!

I work as a lolita designer for my brand Ergi by Piratessan part time and am a viking nerd full time, so, according to the current EGL aesthetic theme I decided to make a take on a new lolita style: Viking Lolita!

Link added with mod permission:
The whole collection is now available for reserve at http://ergi.se !

Price for the dress starts at SEK 1600. Sales tax of 25% will be added if you live in the EU.
Trackable shipping fees:
Sweden: SEK 65 (DHL Service Point)
Europe: SEK 260 (DHL Economy Select)
Rest of the world: SEK 300 (Airmail Registered)

Airmail Registered is available to Sweden and Europe as well.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support! <3

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Small Wardrobe post

I'm in the Lolita fashion for about 3 years now.....
But my wardrobe is still a little too small I think :D But I'll build it up more and more. Also I'll start my own Fashion label project! So I pratice sewing a lot.
I didn't show you all of my offbrand shirts and cardigans and stuff because they are very simple and I bought them not especially for Lolita.

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First Wardrobe Post ^__^

Hi all!

I'm a relative newbie to lolita and I am loving it! Mostly I wear simple "bittersweet" and old-school sweet outfits, but I really love the look of classic lolita and want to get more of that style in my wardrobe. I was lucky enough that my boyfriend helped me buy a pretty complete wardrobe all at once, so I've been able to experiment a bit. I love my little wardrobe, and in 2013 I want to make a whole lot more clothes for myself and also buy some gear from indie brands. I also need to build up my accessory collection, especially headgear because I do not like head eating bows on me so I need to get crafty and make some smaller things to stick on my head.

Some of these photos were taken on a slow day at our photography studio/gallery, some were taken at home but unfortunately those ones are all a bit dark. I haven't photographed accessories/socks/tights because those aspects of my wardrobe aren't particularly noteworthy as yet.

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