January 18th, 2013

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Review: We're All Mad Here "Sugary Bones" jsk

Hi everyone! I just got around to editing and uploading a review I did on We're All Mad Here's print "Sugary Bones" last night. Here is the review on the jsk I purchased. If you have any other questions about the jsk please let me know! :D

Aaaand it look like I fail at adding videos on my phone because its not showing up so ill just leave the link here ;p


A quick survey!

Hi lovely people! I'm looking for lolitas of any nationality who live or have lived in Japan and joined a lolita community there. It doesn’t matter if the community was Japanese or international.

I’m doing a research paper on fashion communities and I want to compare the experience of community in Japan and other countries.

Please share the link with your friends! The survey is in both English and Japanese. It’s anonymous and information is for academic use only. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Thank you! :)


Any issues with the survey link please PM or comment below. This survey is also available on lolitasinjapan.livejournal.com