January 16th, 2013

Blondie is loli

Katsucon Lolita Fashion Show, Models still needed!

We still need models for the Katsucon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show, in all styles, so I'm extending the sign up till the 25th. If you are going to Katsucon and would like to model please email me at katsulolitafs@gmail.com.

*Your name:
*Your age: (if you are under 18 I will need your parents to ok it)
*3-4 pic of coords you would like to wear in the show. Brand, off brand and homemade are all welcome. If you don't to wear one of your own coord or are new lolita and don't have one yet, feel free to send me a picture of yourself and your measurements and I will find a coord for you to burrow for the show.
*Are you pre-register for Katsucon?

Thanks You.

Innocent World shipping

I recently ordered one of their 2013 happy sets and got the automatic email right after I ordered but have yet to receive the invoice. The order date was January 9th 2013. It has been only 5 work days but last time I herd back from them sooner. Should I do something? Thanks in advance!
crazy hair

BTSSB Lucky Pack + Wardrobe Post!

So this morning I went by the post office before work to grab my lucky pack, and then furiously tore it open in my car before going into work. I had to stay calm about it all day before getting to go home and throw everything on. Anyway the first part of this post will be about my lucky pack, and then the rest of my wardrobe! :>
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