January 15th, 2013

lolita 2
  • agewa

That one dress

Yesterday I finally recieved my Angelic Pretty lucky pack. The pink salopette one. I've thought of buying a salopette for a while - something easy to wear in the summer - and, well, there it is.

It's the most ridiculous piece of clothing I've ever owned. I've heard plenty of mean- and well-spirited "pedobait" jokes, but when I looked at myself in the mirror - wearing the salopette - I just... I don't know what to do with the salopette. I'm loath to sell it, but I'm probably not going to wear it out, only when I have friends over... (Which you'd think ridiculous considering I've never had a problem going out in huge pink wigs or with ridiculous stuffed animal bags.)

What it made me think about: do you have that one Loli item that made you go "NO"? I don't mean something that looks ugly or ita, but something that you see other people wearing but what makes you shudder?

Alteration Help!

I recently purchased a lovely handmade lolita dress but the sleeves are so tight I can't get the garment on. The rest of it fits me fine it's just the sleeves. I'm wondering if I should try to re-sell it or if any of you have had good experiences with altering a lolita item.