January 14th, 2013


Bodyline shoes for wide feet?

I searched and didn't see that this had been asked before, so here goes.

I have big, wide feet.  As in, I have to get US size 10 1/2 W shoes for them to fit properly.  Right now, I only have one pair of truly Loli-appropriate shoes, and they aren't specifically Loli.

I know Bodyline carries shoes in my foot length, but I don't know if they'd accommodate the width of my feet.  Does anyone know which of their shoes tend to run wider?

Innocent World Stock Question?

Hello, all!

I placed an order with IW on the 10th, and got the auto confirmation from them, but still haven't been invoiced (I see they have many vacation days this week!). I see now on the website that as of 1/11, the socks that were included in my order are now out of stock. So, does that mean that I got them because I already ordered them, or am I SOL because they haven't invoiced yet? In other words, is the stock counted off of people who've already paid, or people who have ordered?