January 13th, 2013

  • ananann

Bodyline shipping

Can anybody tell me how long their Bodyline took to air ship? I ordered mine on christmas eve, and it isnt here :( I live in Vegas. I keep checking my shipping info but the last update was January 1st saying that it left Tokyo. And i tried their "new" shiping thing on their site and entered my email and it said that i hadnt ordered a product :0. But the money is gone from my paypal and they say it has been shipped so im sure i actually ordered it. And im just being paranoid, but can anybody help? Thanks bunches!
  • fawna01

Fiona's current abbreviated closet

Aw, this kind of post would come up just as I am transferred to Hawaii. For the most part, I had intended to only bring what could fit in my seabag and carry on luggage. So I knew that if I was gonna bring outfits, if anything at all, it was not going be much. Luckily I learned the art of seabag cramming and I was actually able to bring a couple outfits. Here it is, my abbreviated closet

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Tips for raising children while lolita? Looking for personal experience stories please~

I've searched many times for anything regarding this, but only found tips for people who need help with their parents. Well, I am a parent to a wonderful little (almost) 15 month old. I have been trying for years to get into the fashion, but every time I save up enough for something I want, life always gets in the way. Now that we are stable and have all of the important things we need I am ready to start trying again. I thought, with my years of lurking I had it all figured out, but with this new addition to my life I need some advice on how to go about things. Meet-up etiquette (For example: Are children banned from all eetups, or are there cases where they are acceptable?) keeping clothing safe from wandering hands, perhaps dressing her up too if she is interested? What about going out in public? How would the negative comments (if there are any) affect her? Should I just avoid anything that may have a negative response until she's a bit older? Has anyone had any bad experiences in lolita with their children around? What about good ones? Tell me your stories!
P.S, a small introduction: I'm DahliaCrow, I've lurked here for years without an account and finally made one. I'm 20, I have a daughter, and I am in Washington state.