January 12th, 2013

  • doxii

Lolita themed Family Feud! (closed thanks!)

I'm sure many of you know the awesome TV show Family Feud!Since I love it, I wanted to make a Lolita themed version of it to play at large meet ups and smaller gatherings! I've made up these questions and I would love if you all would be the studio audience and answer them! I'm looking to get 100 responses! Once I get enough data, I will post the top 5 answers from each question, as well as playing instructions, on both EGL and my personal journal.  So stay tuned!

Please answer all the questions, don't leave an "I can't think of anything" or "pass". When you answer, please put the first thought that pops into your mind. By that I mean, do not think of what everyone else will say. This is not a quiz, there are no "correct" answers!

If you do not understand a question, feel free to ask for clarification below!

Here is the link! It should only take a few moments. This is bound to be a lot of fun once it is completed! Thanks for your help!


Edit: I had problems with the other survey website, so if you filled out on the other one feel free to fill it out again.

Another wardrobe: A lot of black, some pinks and different styles

I always love the wardrobe theme, so here is my wardrobe! My wardrobe is a mixture of bittersweet, gothic, sweet, some aristocrat (masculine and feminine) and a bit of classic. It has brand, offbrand and some items made by me. The most dominant colour is black, with pink as an accent colour, but I am planning to get more colour into my wardrobe this year.

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