January 8th, 2013

Tokyo in March.

Hello there,

I may be in Tokyo around end of March beginning April and I was wondering if anyone else will also be there that would like to meet up or hang out and get to know one another. Seeing that I've never been to Tokyo maybe someone who has could show me around a bit?

My dates aren't sent yet. It depends on which deal I get. But it will most probably be after the 20th of March.

I'd love to read your reactions ^-^
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Help identifying a print?

I found this while surfing around on Mana-sama.net, and I found a dress that I'm in love with. I know that it's a Moi-Meme-Moitie dress, but I cannot for the life of me find the name of the print itself! It's so different to see something without the heavy religious imagery that Moitie is known for in one of their prints, and this is... Guh. Absolutely gorgeous. I love musical instruments, and seeing violins and pianos with my favorite black and Moitie-blue combo? To die for.

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Model Needed!

Greetings everyone. I am inquiring in to any fellow lolita that may reside in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK or who may be able to travel to Ipswich for a small/modest photoshoot. I have yet to hear back from an establishment for the location, but I already have the dress that I would like the model to wear: AP's Pastel A La Mode in gingham black jsk. Or if there is a dress you own that'd you'd like to wear, let me know.
It would be a TF basis only, so you would get all the photos I take in that day.

If you need any references to prove I am genuine, I can provide any you need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Meta kimono print skirt pics?

Does anyone have a pic of them wearing the new Meta kimono print mini-skirts? I'm considering them, but not sure how that mixed print would look in person. Are the colors really really bold/bright? I have several of the previous wa-print series jsks, but they're all a bit different :/

Also, the way they're classifying some skirts as minis makes me wonder. Measuring against myself, that doesn't seem any different than usual loli fashion length, but I will openly admit that I haven't been buying much the past five years and the trends could've changed.