January 6th, 2013

Another petticoat question!

Hi everyone! I just got both this and this dress in my lucky pack and when I wear my petticoats that I usually wear with a-line dresses I look really deformed. Since the fabric is so light, all my petti-coats are free to be them selves and I look like a pumpkin. And I don't like it.
I'm planning on ordering from Taobao soon, anyone know if this or something like this would work with my dresses?

Bonus question!
I'm not sure how to even wear the Bianca jsk. Its really cute, but I can't find a away to make it look Lolita-ie. If anyone has coords wearing it, that would be a great help!

Thanks a bunch!

My first closet post !

Yeah, closet post ! I missed last year's one, so here is my first closet post.
Despite nearly five years in the fashion, I don't have an enormous closet because of many things (my parents, no paypal etc) and a lot is from thrift store. But I'm proud of my collection and hope this post will please you, so take a look.


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This year, my goal will be to have more accessories and outers to wear lolita everyday ! In september I will left my parents house to study, so I will wear lolita as I want <3

January Wardrobe Post - Just Dresses!

Because I have such a vast wardrobe, for now I am just posting photos of my dresses.  I may add skirts and accessories later.  My apartment is so small and full of stuff (being a seamstress doesn't allow for much free space) that I don't even have a nice place to display these.

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Hope you've enjoyed peeking into a small portion of my closet!

Wardrobe Post 2013

Hi there! 

I haven't posted for a long time but I really love this theme so I thought it was time to post ^^

I've been wearing Lolita for around 2 years. My style is predominately sweet and otome, although I'm trying to expand my wardrobe with more classic and gothic pieces. I've sold a lot of items and tried to only buy items I really love. I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe at the moment. 
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IW lucky pack!

So my lucky pack came in the mail on Saturday and no one was home to sign for it so seeing as it is now Monday we took the trip to our post office to pick it up!

This is my second lucky pack that I have ordered..this time from Innocent World!

This is what I got!

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