January 5th, 2013

Blind bags on mbok: good or bad idea?

So on mbok I notice some sellers have these self-made blind bags. I'm considering getting one, but I have some lingering doubts. Are these blind bags worth it? Or do they actually contain really lame items even though the seller advertises having good ones?
If someone has bought one of these before, can you tell me what they're like? Thanks!
cat, pusheen
  • kolaaa

Question about AatP Vampire Requiem

Hi! I tried to search for an answer for hours but couldn't find anything (maybe I wasn't using right words...) so I decided to ask here! I love Vampire Requiem Corset JSK and I found the measurements in Hellolace. The first version and reserve version have different measurements. So I wanted to ask if they really are made different even though it is ''the same dress''? And also are the measurements in both dresses correct in Hellolace? Sometimes they are a little off. If somebody of you lovelies have the dress (any version), it would be awesome if you could measure the max measurements of the dress yourself : ) Bust and waist. Thank you very much! : )