January 3rd, 2013

sleeping beauty

Bodyline website

Sorry if this isn't allowed...
I'm trying to order from Bodyline for the first time ever and when I checked out the website between xmas and new year it seemed very slow, now its failing to open completely.
Is it down at the moment? And does anyone know what is going on and when its due to come back up?
  • ananann

Lolitas in Las Vegas?

Ive been trying to find a Lolita meetup group in Vegas but apparently they are non-existent. :'( Does anybody know of any lolita groups in Vegas? Or somewhere i can look up groups for lots of cities? I feel like showing off my loli stuff! :0 Any help is greatly appreciated!

Taobao Updates: Chinese New Year reminder & New Releases from Tabao Indie Brands

Hello! (・ω・) Here are some new updates from taobao shops again!

Chinese New Year is coming! This is a really huge festival for the Chinese Typically, people stop working for a week.
Postal services will also go on holiday (if their policies have not changed) and most SSs will be away. 

This year, Chinese New Year is in February. Expect services to be unavailable from 9 Feb to 15 Feb.
Individual shops may return later/earlier. Purchasing, ordering, production and shipment delays are to be expected.

Check with your own SS when will they be away, when will their shipments go on hiatus, etc.

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Annual Lolita stocktaking - 2013

Phew... done! This one is my favorite theme. I love seeing what the other Lolitas got in their closets but also seeing what happend to my closet during the last year... and it happened A LOT!!
Here's the one from the last year.

I skipped the blouses because it's hard to take good pics with my camera when the stuff is all white or all black. But there was enough other stuff ^^"

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