January 2nd, 2013

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Hello~ <3

Greetings, everyone.  I am a fledgling lolita who is looking to make her first big purchase of lolita clothing, that I may hope to wear the clothing everyday or at least most days.  I joined this community several months ago, but refrained from posting because I wanted to do as much research as possible using the wonderful resources provided here, and have slowly been pulling options together.  So, I wanted to ask, what would all of you recommend for the best places for a beginner to purchase from?  I'd rather not buy brand at the moment, even though I've been considering those options as well. Primary I had been considering Qutieland, Fanplusfriend, Anna House, and possibly a TaoBao shopping service, based both on reviews I've read throughout this community and online and from my own perusals of the sites themselves.  I'm looking to spend quite a bit of money, and possibly to get the most bang for my buck, and am not sure if I should purchase everything from the same website, or if I should spread it out a bit, but I would very much like to have the input of wiser and more experienced lolitas, and would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone can give me~ :)
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Lolita Anthems

In honor of the new year and because there ain't no party like a Tea Party I'm here to ask you all for your favourite lolita songs.

These can be songs you listen to to make yourself feel graceful, cute, bubbly or even melancholy.

If you're crafty, the songs you like to create too or draw inspiration from.

If you have one; your lolita theme song.

And the all important songs you play  to cheer yourself up  and remind yourself you're kawaii or elegant  as hell if someone makes fun of your fashion choices
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Community Updates for January

Happy New Year, EGL! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and here's to an excellent 2013!

Artwork this month is by jenny_jinya. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

Want your artwork featured? Click here for details on our monthly Banner Contest!

The General Theme for January is Wardrobe Posts
Need I say more? As EGL's most popular monthly theme, chances are you've already been working on your wardrobe post since late last year. So I'll just cut to the chase: start showing off your wardrobes!

The Aesthetic Theme for January is Historical Lolita
As a fashion or history buff, do you cringe when you hear the phrase "Rococo-inspired?" Do the words "based on Victorian children's clothing" make your skin crawl? This month, show us your coordinates inspired by real historical fashion - from any time period!

The Contest for January is Generate a Genre
Is there a style of lolita you absolutely wished existed? Invent it and submit it for one of several chances to win an amazing prize! Details are in this post.
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Katsucon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show

Hi Ladies and Gents,
Just a reminder that We are still looking for model for the Katsucon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show.
If you are going to Katsucon and would like to model please email me at katsulolitafs@gmail.com, by Jan 15th,

*Your name:
*Your age: (if you are under 18 I will need your parents to ok it)
*3-4 pic of your coords you would like to wear in the show. Brand, off brand and homemade are all welcome.
*Are register for Katsucon or not?

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Infanta sizing?

Hello! This is my first time posting here!

I'm curious about custom sizing from Infanta. I've totally fallen in love with Dolly House! I love the JSK, OP, and skirt, but my only problem is that they will all be way too short! I'm 6'1'' (yikes, I know), and for a dress, 100-105 cm will be around my knee length. I would need about 10 cm added for it to fit.

What I'm wondering is: does anyone know if it will be possible to get the length extended, or better yet: has anyone gotten extended sizing for this? Or am I out of luck for this lovely print

Thanks for helping me! I'm still a fairly new Lolita and I don't know a ton about Taobao.