January 1st, 2013

I was just wondering..

So I think it's fairly true that it goes with out saying that Lolitas love dolls...well, at the very least we like them..right? Anywho, what I was wondering was:

1. Other than BJDs, what other kinds of dolls do you guys collect?
2.Do you or have you considered cloth dolls as being collectible worthy?
3. If, lets say, a cloth doll maker started offering custom-ish dolls would any of you be interested? (These "customs lolita" dolls could have dresses that matched your own;P)

Well, thanks for any input given! I'm always crafting and thinkging of new ideas and always WONDERING if I'm the only one that wants these things lol.
Wonder Woman

Lucky pack madness

So lucky pack madness begins!
anyone lucky enough to get one at AP San Fransisco?...I *think* I did, but I didn't get an order number when I was done like usual....it just went back to the main page.....but when I try to click on lucky packs it says this:

Lucky Packs

You may only order ONE lucky pack only. No exceptions. Any household / person / card holder forfeit the entire order.
See item for further information.

and when I go to my 'accoun't the lucky pack doesn't show up.....?

anyone know what's going on?
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Paradise Kiss

Brands that sell Kuro Lolita

Hi, my friend is really interested in kuro lolita, but we are having trouble finding brands that sell a lot of clothing that can be used for kuro. Does anyone know any good brands or stores that would be great for kuro? 

Thanks a ton:)
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