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Your recent purchases or what is in the mail?

A new year is good time to change, downsize or exspand your wardrobe.
Whatever it is about refinement or trying something new.

I think my theme for this year is verstaility, or rather usefullness. I know usefull is a forbidden word in world of OTT madness.

Properly the least useful piece(except for some novelties), but whatever, I need more winered.

I don't have any statement necklaces, so it is nice to have one(I you have seen my wadrobe post you notice I tends to like animal themes, in the less cute version, and these are just reposting, since they are in customs).

Cutsews are nice, but I don't like the short torso length or gigant bib Brands tends offer, beacuse they do not look nice on their own.

I am a same cut, different colour version.

Haenuli is too expensive to my bugdet, but I really wanted old school screen print cutsew and it was cheap. After I bought it, I realise I have to pay customs on it. Hello, hillarious high handling fee. The 3. cutsew so far...
Wth, Brand merch.

I heard only good things about these illustration books, so I am very curious about it.
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