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BanhFlan's 2017 Wardrobe Post

This is my very first wardrobe post! I have coorded many of my dresses with lots of items made by myself or my other favourite indie artists.

You can also find my other lolita and jfashion posts on Instagram as APocketfulofMacarons.

Now, onto the wardrobe post! Here we go!

AP Candy Treat JSK in white - this was my first ever burando dress. Handmade clay sweets bottle was made by I Like Shinies.

AP Birds of Symphony JSK in pink. I plan to make a matching baton one day. The lovely cameo brooch is from Mulbery Chronicles.

AP Wonder Cookie JSK in Pink. I handmade the unicorn necklace and the badge was from a lovely seller at Otakucon at Baltimore.

AP x Disney Kiss Me Cat OP, as soon as I saw pinku and cats I had to get it.

AP Crystal Dream Carnival JSK in Pink, my friend bought the cute pink unicorn necklace while travelling in Hong Kong.

AP Diner Doll OP in Pink. I haven't had the chance to coord this piece yet but I certainly am looking forward to making a really creative headpiece!

AP Wonder Story JSK in Pink. Peppermint Fox have some of the best brooches.

Cameo Window JSK in Pink. I handmade the cameo brooch. My friend scanned the fabric and printed it out. I then handpainted the wooden frame, added ribbons, pearls and swarovski crystals, and embellished it with a butterfly and violin.

AP Eternal Carnival OP in Pink. The key charm was made by a friend and I added czech crystals and made it into a necklace. Another friend of mine made me the cutest little hair accessory, and the button matches the gold roses on Eternal Carnival.

AP Paper Dolls JSK in sax. This was a present from my lolita bae. I was so excited to finally add this to my wardrobe.

AP Fancy Doll JSK in navy. This is one of my dream dresses. The cute brooch is from Moonbunny.

This came from a BTSSB lucky pack! I've got my Daiso Hat and I'm all set! The jam and strawberry vine accessory was made by a friend as a birthday present. She literally made the berries and the jam out of resin.

AP Crystal Dream Carnival JSK in sax. The birdcage necklace was handmade by me. Just got the KC from Closetchild so its on its way from the post office!

AP Sugar Dream Dome OP in sax. The necklace is from Kuma Crafts and is also a snow globe,and shines a different colour depending on the light.
AP Sugar Dream Dome Special Set JSK in navy. My star clips are my favourite accessories from Chocomint.

AP Starry Night Theatre JSK in blue. Still looking for the matching accessories!

AP Castle Mirage OP in Navy. This is the rerelease. It was always on my dream dress list so when the second release came out I couldn't wait to get it.

Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising JSK in navy. Still rocking that Daiso hat. I made my key necklace and pin for my hat. I also made a matching Cthulu ring in copper (you can see it towards the end of the album). I have this also in black but its somewhere in storage. This is definitely one of my favourite dresses because its so versatile.

IW Crown Jewels JSK. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, still thinking about how to coord this!

IW Union Jack skirt in navy (this was the only skirt I managed to photograph).

BTSSB Bon-Bon Dance Dance Dance Milk JSK in brown. I have the full set in this! I still want to buy a couple more pieces to coord with this before I wear it out.

IW World Orchestra Instruments in Brown. This reminds me of the days when I used to play classical instruments when growing up. I also ordered the KC and tights from the IW sale recently so fingers crossed that I can complete this set very soon!!

IW French Picture Frame. I love accessorising with my Pepfox brooches (they are perfect for the theme).

AP Glass Bottle of Tears. I actually bought this after I saw a friend of mine wear this. She wore it so beautifully when I saw her at a con, even though I found out later she was sick! My hairpiece worn as a brooch is from Me&Yue.

AP Magical Etoile JSK in Red. I love wearing it with my Hello Kitty brooches! (No surprise that I wore this to a Hello Kitty themed meet).

no title
Milky-chan Velveteen JSK - not sure of the name. I bought this at an apparently bargain price before I knew of its apparent rarity. It is in beautiful condition considering its age.

no title
BTSSB Cherish my Juicy Cherry JSK in Red. This was my Christmas 2016 coord. My goal was to make a country themed dress into something Christmassy. I made the hat a couple of nights before the meet and it is covered in cherries, satin bows, crystals, glass pearls and chains. I also carried a huge candy cane, which was useful when snagging treats XD

no title
Meta Dozing Cat JSK. I wore this at a Matsuri Festival and had to make an accessory in a hurry. The big bow on top under the Meta flower bow is actually a bag from Daiso that I unpicked and resewed.

no title
AP Bella Epoque Rose JSK in Lavender. Again another lovely Pepfox brooch with an IW bow as simple accessories.

no title
AP Fruits Parlour - I have the set but the socks are somewhere in my house. My friend borrowed my apron so the Diner Doll one had to do for the shoot. The bunny necklace comes from my original line of jewellery A Pocketful of Macarons.
no title
AP Chess Chocolate JSK in Mint. This is my ultimate dream dress, if I had to sell all the dresses in my wardrobe and keep one this would be it. Its special to me because its what got me into lolita in the first place.

no title
BTSSB Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry Ribbon JSK in black. A coord I put together to wear during one of the hottest days in a famous Australian summer. I went to a Woodland themed meet and decided to experiment with handmade pinecone accessories and rabbit ears.

no title
Meta Fancy Egg in Sax. This was also one of my dream dresses. I wore this to a Royal Luncheon previously at a tea length with an underskirt. The crown was super shiny and I added a row of pearls which you could see against my hair when I wore it. The sash was also run up on the sewing machine 12 hrs before the meet.

no title
AP Cirque Du L'Etoile OP in red. This is a recent acquisition so I'm still thinking of interesting ways to coord it.

Now moving onto my other accessories!!!

no title
Bags! Some of my favourite bags. I tend to be quite practical and carry quite a bit so if I get a novelty bag, it needs to be big inside.

no title
Some of my brooches. All of the brooches here are made by indie artists across Australia, including myself. I have brooches from A Pocketful of Macarons, Peppermint Fox, Mulberry Chronicles, Hello Jones Bones, Thiskidthatkid and JesstheChen.
I also made the hat with 100% materials all from Daiso!

no title
Some of my classic sweet collection. Here is a mix of Taobao, AATP, AP, Rouge Aerie, Daiso, Me&Yue, handmade and Closetchild. You never know where you can find cute accessories!

no title
My KC collection, still growing and hoping to complete more sets this year.

no title
I own 5 parasols! The first three are from AP, the 4th one BTSSB, and the last one is my favourite, the Bat wing parasol from AATP.

no title
My wristcuffs and ring collection. Most of my wristcuffs are from Bodyline, AP, handmade and Taobao. The ring collection is my favourite, about half of the rings are handmade by me or other indie artists. I also have rings from Swimmer, Enchantlic Enchantilly and AP.

no title
Some of my sweets accessories. I created the parfait in the top middle for a sweets outfit for the Jfashion show at SMASH. You can see how big it is next to the mini hat!

Well this is my last photo so I hope you enjoyed my wardrobe! It was a very painful process but I definitely learned alot and who knows, I might be crazy enough to do one next year. Follow me on IG as APocketfulofMacarons if you want to see more cute photos!

BanhFlan X
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