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Dodo the Extinct's Lolita Wardrobe 2017

Hello everyone~! This is the third year that I have done a wardrobe post feel free to check out 2015 & 2016 on the respective numbers. :)

As you can see my style hasn't changed much this past year other than the addition of more and more blue.... (I think I maybe obsessed).
I hope you enjoy looking at my wardrobe~!

{ Video }

{ Skirts }
Metamorphose Temps de Fille March of Ducks [2012]
The "duck, duck, goose" skirt

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Pink Lemonade [2015]
The "working bees" skirt

{ OPs }
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sister Maria's Hummingbirds [2014]
The "Von Trapp family tribute" dress

Angelic Pretty Sweet Girl Room [2014]
The "Where's cats? game" dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice's Royal Party Tea set [2010]
The "Alice Old School Wannabe" dress

Angelic Pretty Dream Marine [2015]
The "I'm collecting seashells" dress

Victorian Maiden Marine Blouse [2012]
The "over/under/alone" dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Waffle Snow Dot [2015]
The "wear too often must not chose it for today's meet" dress

{ JSKs }
Statice Lolita Viloria Margarita [2016]
The "Twinning" Dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart-shaped Fairy Topialium [2014]
The "I need an OTT dress for a non-existant OTT party" dress

Innocent World Philharmonie Angel [2012]
The "piano keys" dress

Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donut [2013]
The dress that illicits a "mmyyyyy ppprrreeeecccciiiiooouuuusssss" reaction from

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival [2014]
The "only lavender JSK in my wardrobe and it's looking for a friend" dress

Heather & Iris Hail Captain America [2016]
The "ultimate fandom" dress (On the red stripes there's actually quotes from the movie like "I can do this all day")

Angelic Pretty Baked Sweets Parade [2016]
The "I'm starting a bakery and running away from home" dress

Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival [2016]
The "Under the Sea song" dress

Innocent World Classical Gather Flare [2016]
The "Grandma's Couch" dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom JSK II  [2014]
The "Baby gangsta font" dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice's Mirage in Paradox Red Queen [2012]
The "Senpai notice me" dress (because I have the matching bonnet, it usually catches people's eyes)

Innocent World Tea Time [2013]
The "I don't feel like dressing up" dress (super comfy & generic)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bless from Michael (rerelease) [2015]
The "one that tried to escape" dress

Angelic Pretty Astro Regimen Frill [2016]
The "Space Cadet Uniform" dress

Innocent World Moonlit Walk High Waisted [2014]
The "can fill most generic comm meetup themes" dress

Angelic Pretty Classic Melody Round Collar [2011]
The "feeling retro" dress

{ Shoes }
L-R (Top): Unknown (from friend), Amavel, Taobao, Secret Shop (glitterfied it myself), Bodyline
L-R (Bottom): Taobao, Local Shop, Taobao (also glitterfied), Secret Shop

{ Socks }
Various brands (I splurged on brand socks this year)

{ Bags & Parasols }
Parasols: AP (cream), AATP (black)
L-R (Top): Amavel, Innocent World
L-R (Middle): BTSSB, Metamorphose
L-R (Bottom): Amavel, BTSSB

{ Blouses }
Top to bottom (Far Left): Anna House, Pumpkin Cat, Infanta, Axes Femme, Pumpkin Cat
Top to bottom (Middle): Taobao, Innocent World, BTSSB, Taobao, Pumpkin Cat, AATP
Top to bottom (Far Right): Pumpkin Cat, Taobao, AP, Amavel, Innocent World

{ Headwear }
Variety of brands and types of headwear (bonnets & berets are a new fave this year)

{ Jewelry }
Splashed out on some new AP jewelry this year and kept reusing the same ones from previous years. New fave is the ghost ring.

{ Random }
Things that don't fit into other categories such as Meta bloomers, Amavel cardigan and wristcuffs.

Thanks for looking at my wardrobe~! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you liked and feel free to check out my Instagram & Youtube channel!

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