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Teapartymadness wardrobe 2017

Posting so late again! But I wanted to make an annual wardrobe post, to keep track on my wardrobe and to help plan outfits. My wardrobe hasn't changed a lot since last year, I've mainly tried to sell things to get money for a upcoming trip to Japan. :D I'm sorry for some wrinkly clothing, I didn't really have time iron everything that I've recently washed. ^^' I decided to only feature lolita brand items, since I own so many offbrand accessories etc, that it would have been hard to photograph them all.


Everything is Angelic Pretty except the red ring (Btssb).

Bags and pouches

Mostly AP, a couple are from Meta and the (bunny-)bears, white rectangular makeup bag and the blue heart pochette are from Btssb.

Umbrella and parasols

Btssb, AatP and AP


AP and Btssb. Gingham hat is Meta.


AP- Tiara Rose
AP- Whip Factory

Btssb- Marythe JSK
AP- Candy Sprinkle

AP- Flower Fairy JSK
AP- Marchen Ribbon

AP- Desserst Collection
Btssb- Hello Dear Bunny's Little Enchanted Room

AP- Toy Parade
AP- Milky Planet

AP- Maiden Ribbon Jaquard
Btssb- My Sweet Mate Kumya’s Trick or Treat

Btssb- Mary in the Sky with Candies
AP- Toy Fantasy

AP- Fancy Box
AP- Sugary Gingham JSK

AP- Wrapping Heart
AP- Dolly Cat

AP- Magical Etoile
AP- Baniran Shoulder Ribbon JSK

AP- Dreamy Dollhouse
AP- Osanpo Candy-chan

AP- Jewel Marine
AP- Little Bear's Cafe

AP- Fairy Marine





AP, red-white blouse Putumayo (Super wrinkly blouses, sorry :( )

Random stuff

Everything is AP, except letter set, fan and blue bear, which are Btssb.


The white pairs are Btssb, rest is AP.


AP- Wonder Cookie
AP- Milky Planet

AP- Rose Toilette
Btssb- Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito

AP-French Dot Dream skirt
Btssb- Friend Kumya-chan

AP- Milky Planet
AP- Sweetie Chandelier

AP- Wrapping Heart

Jackets & Coats

AP, Btssb

Both AP


All AP, except the blue one's with blue ribbons (Btssb).

AP, AP, Btssb, Btssb, AP, Btssb, Btssb, AP, Btssb, Btssb, Btssb, Btssb

Thank you for watching! :)

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