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My ever growing Classic Lolita and Otome Collection

Here's to 6 years of wearing Lolita and my 5th time posting my wardrobe! (Previous years : 2013 2014 2015 2016 ) I didn't have the time to make individual coords this year, so unfortunately my post is somewhat less detailed than in the past. I've also tried to group my dresses and skirts by theme, rather than by brand, to mix it up a little. Hope you enjoy, and if you want to see any of the worn, visit my instagram (@bisque_d0ll)

Back in black...

JetJ Carte de la verite JSK | Excentrique Baroque skirt & corset | AP Lacy Lady OP

VM Fairy Lace Long Dress | JetJ Robe de Chapelle | MM Burberry JSK

MM Caramélisée OP | IW Classical Lace skirt | MM Bisque Doll

MM Dot Ribbon JSK | AATP Midsummer Night's Dream JSK | MMM Flocky Chiffon JSK

JetJ Polycopie de Poupée OP | MM Apollonia OP | MM Therese JSK
AATP Maria Ribbon Cutsew OP | JM unknown OP | Milk Bonjour OP

MMM Art Nouveau Jacquard JSK | Excentrique Chiffon Robe OP

Velvety lovely goodness

JM Old Library Print Velveteen Mini JSK | JetJ L'etoile du Soir skirt & cape set | MM Micheline skirt

VM Velveteen Lady Lace Up OP | Meta Velveteen Lace Up JSK | Meta High Waist Velveteen JSK

Excentrique Velvet Corset JSK | MMM Printed Tweed JSK

AP Bookmark skirt | AP Holy Night Story JSK | Excentrique Velvet skirt

JM unknown Velveteen OP | JM unknown Velveteen Bow JSK

Gorgeous Florals

VM Stripe Lace Ribbon OP | VM Noble Queen OP | VM Gobelins Back Lace Skirt

MM Mille Rose JSK | MM Arabesque Rose JSK | JetJ Parfait et un Manége JSK

MM Felicia Rose JSK | JetJ Robe du Plissé 'Evelyn' OP | MM Majolica JSK

MM Antoinette Fleur OP | MM Rose Basket JSK | VM Rococo Bouquet JSK

JM Rose Crown Gobelin JSK | JetJ Robe du Bouquet Rose | VM Gobelins Pleated Long Skirt

My tiny JetJ cat lady collection

JetJ Mimi Eden JSK | JetJ Robe de Chouchou la Marche | JetJ La Fille de la Foret Robe

A sailor's life for me...

VM Chiffon Ribbon Frill JSK | IW Stripe Lace up skirt

VM Classic Marine Lady JSK | MM Angelica JSK | VM Stripe Ribbon Sailor Skirt

JM Crown Embroidery Polo OP | MM Sailor Collar OP | VM Sailor Doll skirt

Jewel tones are a girl's best friend...

VM Brilliant Lace Fairy Dress | Sheglit Tulle OP

ETC Fleur de Lis skirt | VM Baroque Jacquard Heart Frill JSK | VM Victorian Doll skirt

MM Meririsu JSK | MM Chocolatier JSK | JM Royal Library Knitted Tromp L'oeil OP

VM Gathered Pearl High Waist JSK | MM Noreen JSK | MM St Claire OP

Tartan, houndstooth and all that jazz...

Milk Good Girl JSK | MM Christle OP | ETC Tartan Salopette

ETC Tartan OP | JetJ Princesse du pays que vous rectifiez OP  | ETC Tartan skirt

BtSSB Houndstooth Scallop JSK | VM British Check Doll OP | Excentrique Academia skirt | VM British Check skirt

Once upon a time... (Fairy tales)

ETC Gentleman Rabbit JSK x2 | ETC Wonderland JSK

JM Fairytale Book skirt | ETC x Disney Snow White JSK | JetJ Bibliotheque JSK

ETC Wonderland OP | JM Velvet Alice JSK | JM Alice Tromp L'oeil OP

JM Chaperone Rouge skirt | ETC Red Riding Hood OP | ETC Forest Animal OP

JetJ Robe du Grimm JSK | JetJ Plein Grimm JSK | Shirley Temple Wonderland skirt

Food, glorious food...

AP Chocolate Rosette skirt & Salopette | JM British Chocolate Bar Tromp L'oeil OP

ETC Jam Jar JSK | AP Sweet Cream House JSK | ETC Macaron JSK

ETC Strawberry JSK | AP Honey Cake JSK | JM Candy skirt | JM Minton Collection Decoupage Skirt

Not sure what the theme is here ... looks good together though

ETC Embroidery OP | Krad Lanrete Constellations JSK | VM Chiffon Underskirt

Going dotty

ETC Chiffon Hearts OP | AP French Polkadot JSK | AP French Doll JSK

Music themed... (Traumerei could be Christmas carols.)

JM Concerto Carte skirt | JM Concerto Carte circular JSK | BtSSB Traumerei of Bright Stars skirt

Thank you so much for looking, I wish I'd have had the time to take pictures of blouses etc, maybe next year! It's been so lovely seeing everyone elses wardrobe posts, my favourite time of the year on egl.
Tags: *emily temple cute, *excentrique, *jane marple, *juliette et justine, *mary magdalene, *victorian maiden, community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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