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with_a_zacky Wardrobe Post 2017

I wasn't planning on making a post this year, but then I realised I've done one every year since 2011 & it would be a shame to break tradition. Sooo I threw one together last minute. I've not been as involved in lolita this year, and my camera has had a rough time recently - I think both show in my post!

Last year's post can be found here & features links to my previous posts.

The majority of my collection is currently in storage, so what's actually in my wardrobe right now is a selection of pieces I chose for Autummn/Winter this year.

Angelic Pretty Magic Amulet


This is the only piece I bought this year after being indecisive over it for a while. But I love the colour (if you couldn't tell by how much it blends into my sheets). I'm still not convinced by the print as it's quite basic, but the theme & black trims sold it for me.


I feel bad admitting it, but I didn't notice the strap detailing until I got it out for this as I haven't even tried it on yet orz

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern


The only piece my mum doesn't hate. Would still love this in black too, and would never sell this one after refreshing the page for hours hoping for one to go back in stock & getting lucky!

Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette


Keeps it's spot in my wardrobe as I still haven't worn it. I love the colour, the tartan, and the waist-ties that tie into the print.

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival

Another one on my 'never sell' list since it's super sweet whilst staying away from pastels (don't get me wrong, I ADORE pastel sweet, but don't feel comfortable wearing it anymore).

Angelic Pretty Tokimeki Girl


Easy to throw on, mostly kept this one out ready for Summer since it looks best by itself with ankle socks & black tea parties when I'm feeling especially lazy. I've always been a sucker for sailor collars.

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival


Since I used to always revert to wearing Sugary Carnival to meets when indecisive, I'm trying to trick myself into choosing this slightly more mature version instead.

Angelic Pretty Belle Epoque Rose


One I obtained last year and am having trouble coording. I've been meaning to get a princess-sleeved chiffon blouse & navy shoes/bolero/bag in order to do it justice but just haven't been looking for lolita clothing. I guess that's a goal for this year!

Juliette et Justine La Bibliothéque


For when I'm feeling fancy. Should probably sell some sweet in favour of more pieces like this, though I'm a little short to pull this piece off well (I have a habit of tucking in that side bit!).

BTSSB Hem Scallop


Been sticking a little more to simple coords, & these JSKs are classics. Definitely want to do some old-school in Spring as it's been a while.

BTSSB Dessert

Perfect for pub meets & super comfy. Yet another one for lazy coord days!

Putumayo ???

This set was dragged out of storage for a pirate meet since that's the kind of vibe I get from it. Not my usual kind of thing but it was super cheap when I was going through a Japanese auction obsession!

Soooo this has been a very half-arsed post this year. I don't even have many blouses or socks out of storage as I've just been going up to the loft to get things as and when I've been needing them. The styles are still a bit all over the place, too! As always my goal to ignore for the coming year is to sell things, and hopefully I can get my wardrobe to be more cohesive & present it better next year.

Thanks for looking!
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