December 30th, 2012

Question about true color of dreaming of macarons in pink


I looked at pictures of AP's Dreaming of macarons in pink, but it seems like every photo shows another sort of shade.
So I really would like to know which photo is the most true to color:

1. light baby pink
2. light salmon pink
3. bright 'Barbie' pink (excuse for I used somebody elses drawing but it was the best for representing the color)
4. dark salmony pink

lol I'm sorry I'm so nitpicky but thanks soo much in advance when you reply!
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Shiro Loli

Paypal VS. Bodyline [UPDATE]

So I posted a while ago about how my Bodyline shipment has not come in. It's gone past 30 days now, and I have not gotten my packages. I have 45 days since the order to file a Paypal claim. But I'm scared to. Will I get blacklisted, like BTSSB does, or is BL too lax for all that?

Since I made the payment with a debit card via Paypal, I COULD wait till 90 days to file claim, according to my bank. I just worry I'll claim BL for "package not delivered", either through Paypal or my bank, the package will come in after I get the money back.

What should I do?

UPDATE 01/01/13: filed a Paypal claim 2 days ago, and yesterday my shipping status finally changed, and my packages are in Atlanta Georgia. Probably coincidence. But just in case, I'm keeping the claim open until I get my parcel. Having been in the mail so long, I worry the shoes are ruined :(

Harajuku boutik/No Sphere

Hello again :)

I was trying to find a place within europe to order Moi Meme Moitie from, and then I stumbled across this:
Has anyone had any experience with them? They are doing an order for MmM on facebook, has anyone managed to contact them to make an order?

Thank you!