December 27th, 2012

Be careful !!! Another scam site !

Be careful !!! Found another scam site !
Not a submission but just letting you know.
Don’t buy from Lightinthebox !!!!
Maybe lots of people don’t know them, they are quite new to lolita, but they started with stealing photo from other sites. I’m not sure if it’s another Milanoo, but don’t spend your money on them.
Those photos are stolen from Babyssb:

Those photos are stolen from fanplus:

Those photos are stolen from

They even stole Milanoo photos:
The same photo, but higher price. I don’t know why.

Those photos are stolen from AP:

Doing reviews on items received as gifts?

I've never done a review of an item that I've received as a gift for two reasons: One, I can't say how good the shipping was because I don't know. Two, it seems to me like it would be a bit rude to the gift giver.
However, this year I received a Lolita coat from Bodyline and there have been quite a few questions in the past about their quality, so I was thinking of doing a review on it. 

I'd like to hear everyone else's opinions about this. Has this ever been brought up before? Is it even really an issue